What's Landon Been Doing About It?


Landon is the founder and president of Heartbeat, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people fulfill the promise of human life by discovering the possibility that, despite circumstances, tragedy and suffering, they can have a life that loves to happen.

Landon has brought encouragement and fresh insight for dealing with life's difficulties to tens of millions over the NBC, CBS, Mutual, and Armed Forces radio networks, and through his Feeling Good About Yourself and Life That Loves to Happen seminars that have been held in more than 100 cities throughout North America.

For more on this work, go to www.Heartbeat.org.

At the same time that Landon has been doing his work with general audiences, he has also been very involved in exploring the relationship between joy and religion in people’s lives.

Over and over again, he has found that religion that operates in the key of it's all about belief systems and institutions' often builds walls that divide people.

But he has also found that religion that operates in the key of it's all about the people can build bridges that bring people together in a depth that's hard to achieve, say, in a book club or a purely social gathering.

The following is a short documentary on this aspect of Landon's work: A Direction of Joy: From Building Walls to Building Bridges

To learn more about the work Landon is doing to support individuals and small groups interested in religion in the key of it's all about the people, go to www.PeopleForJoy.org.

One of the reasons that religious people are often so resistant to change is because of a misplaced focus. To learn more about the work he's doing to encourage religious leaders and institutions to refocus their efforts, go to www.ItsAboutThePeople.org.

After years of living in New York City, and traveling almost constantly, Landon now makes his home in Vermont.